Some things I've worked on

Jul 29, 2012


The DetroitWiki Project is a volunteer-driven effort to collect information about Detroit that anybody can freely edit. This is a place to make a page for something that wouldn’t otherwise be online. We’re creating pages about historical places, current topics, meeting plans, biographies, and more.

The Journal of City Council for Detroit, 2000-2009

I collected PDF copies of the City of Detroit’s Journal of City Council for the years 2000-2009. These searchable PDFs contain the records of agenda items discussed and all votes taken by the council in that time period. Each is about 3,000 to 3,500 pages. Previously, these files were only available for inspection and duplication in paper format from the City Clerk. I am working to digest the files into a more usable format, but the original files are available for download here:

Public Access TV (PEG Stations)

In 2008, I wrote a report on Ann Arbor's Community Television Network (PDF). I think the conclusions are still generally applicable to most PEG (public, educational, government) stations.