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A fresh approach to mapping community assets

We've seen quite a few maps of community resources in Detroit. But where does the data come from, and how do we keep it fresh? Most projects rely on static lists and maps that don't change with time. Here's a new approach.

This is a living map. The data you see comes from OpenStreetMap, or OSM. OSM is like the Wikipedia of maps — anyone can edit it. All you need to do is head to and click "edit" to get started.

That means we can fix or add anything on the map, from roads to points of interest. Hundreds of companies and organizatins around the world use this data. Take a look at this beautiful report to see the breadth and depth of this data.

In this map, we're pulling in up-to-date data on amenities in Detroit. OpenStreetMap stores hundreds of different features, from banks to trees.

We need your help. If you click the "Supermarkets" tab, you'll see why: none of Detroit's supermarkets are on the map. By using a public resource, instead of a closed list, we stand a better chance of keeping the data accurate, up to date, and available for everyone.